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Gun control?

Just a few words about the gun control controversy.  I was watching Bill Maher on his 11th season premier last night and I was trying to sort out why countries who allow guns, and countries who don’t allow guns seem to have so relatively few instances of horrifying gun violence the way we have it in the United States.

One big difference between the United States and most other places, and this is going to sound a little weird, is that we were founded on Puritan principles and have perverted that particular belief system to mean that Sex Is Never Okay.  Follow me here, now.  Also, we have a huge advertising industry dedicated to making us unhappy with our bodies and in a constant state of anxiety about our bodies.  Men and women both bear the brunt of this kind of manipulation and it comes out in different ways: Women are encouraged, very strongly, to be thin, elegant, well-groomed, and to have specific kinds of attractiveness, no matter what their biological heritage may be; men are encouraged to look a certain way and to be sexually potent, with huge genitals and an ever-ready attitude.  They are expected to be the sole initiators of sexual activity and must be ready, willing, and able at the drop of a hat.  So everybody is left feeling inadequate.

Think about the way people feel about their weapons, and the words they use to describe them, and about the way they feel about their genitals, their sexuality, and who they are in relation to the opposite sex, and how they describe all that.  Notice a connection?  Guns are always hard, always ready, and the biggest, baddest guns can go and go and go, forever, with only brief periods of reloading.

It’s sick, yeah, but isn’t it possible that the biggest gun-manufacturing country in the world has a population who has caught that particular illness and personalized it?  So, two of the big differences between the US and other countries: unlimited guns, very much limited and inhibited sex.

I’m wondering if maybe I’m onto something here,  I doubt very much that anybody but me will ever read these words, but if somebody actually sees what I’ve said, feel free to comment, unless you’re a troll.  I warn all trolls ahead of time: a.) I don’t want your guns, and b.) I don’t feed trolls, so don’t expect a lot of conversation about this if you’re rude and stupid.


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