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Boston Marathon Fiasco, 2013

Here’s something I posted on Facebook a little while ago and thought I’d save it here.


“I thought I’d like to mention that I have a very dear friend who is a Muslim. She’s one of the sweetest, most sensitive people I know. I’ve seen her covertly bullied by a supervisor for nothing more than her religion. 

A lot of my neighbors are Muslims. They’re the quiet, polite ones I’m glad are around me. Many of them are in this country because they had to escape from the Taliban. None of them are terrorists. None Of Them Are Terrorists. 

There are crazy fundamentalists in just about every religion; it’s not which religion that’s at fault–it’s religion in general. Religion divides people. It creates an Us group and a Them group. Religion is the cause of haters. I’m sorry to say that to the good, kind Religious people I know, but look around you and read the passages in your holy books that you don’t want to think about. I know good people reject them while purporting to follow their particular god’s “word”. Be honest. If it’s messed up, it’s messed up.

So quit pointing the finger. Just stop it now. Some people who were coincidentally Muslims did horrific deeds. Christians and Jews have done them, too, at various times and in various places. It’s time to talk about individual responsibility, not about rounding up groups of people who haven’t actually done anything wrong. Let go of the idea that you’ll be safe if only you could identify and eradicate some group or other. Back when I had a religion, nothing could have induced me to harm anybody in its name, and I know the largest percentage of people with a religion feel the same way.

If somebody wants to be cruel and horrible, religion is a convenient excuse and nothing more. Cut It Out.”


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